Corner Café and Bakery

Welcome to the Corner Cafe and Bakery. Our main store is located on 92nd Street and Third Avenue and our bakery is located a block down at 93rd Street and Third Avenue. We also have a sister store on Madison Avenue between 89th St and 90th St.

Our cafes offered a wide range of selected dishes for take-out or sit down. We have a brunch, lunch and dinner menu and on holidays have a chef's choice menu. So if your in the mood for plate of pasta or a plate of roasted chicken or just a cup of coffee with one of our delicious fresh baked pastries and yes that comes from our bakery, we look forward to seeing you.

Our café serves Breakfast, Weekend Brunch, Lunch and dinner.  We also offer wine and beer.

Breakfast offers French style bread pudding, waffles served with warm maple syrup, oatmeal with sun dried cranberries and raisins, a smoked salmon platter, plus a variety of traditional favorites.

For lunch we offer a selection of unique salads and sandwiches including the best BLT in New York City.

Pan-roasted scrod, calf’s liver cooked to perfection, and slow roasted duck with plum chipotle sauce are just a few of our delicious dinner offerings.

Get up a little late?  Miss breakfast?  Our weekend brunch menu is worth staying in bed an extra hour or two.  Brunch is served until 4:00pm.

  The Corner Cafe & Bakery 1645 / 1659 Third Avenue New York, NY 10128 212 860 8060
The Corner Cafe & Bakery on Madison 1246 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10128 212 860 4340

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